The Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) is an annual international robotics competition for teams of undergraduate and graduate students. Teams design and build an autonomous ground vehicle capable of completing several difficult challenges. The competition is well suited to senior design “capstone” courses as well as extracurricular design projects.

The 2021 team at OU was our first attempt to compete at IGVC. We were planning to compete in 2020, but the competition was canceled due to the pandemic. We are happy to say that we achieved rookie of the year, 1st place in the Autonav challenge, and 2nd place in the grand award. We were very proud to have done well at the competition considering we had a ‘cheap’ robot and low membership post-pandemic. IGVC was SCR’s first attempt at building a robot that was heavier than 10 lbs and larger than 18” x 18”.

What I did

I lead three major breakthroughs for our team during the 2019 year.

Estop Override WIP of new Chassis Motor control board v2 Last years chassis
Gallery of SCR IGVC


First post!

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Woohoo, this is my first post on my website. Hopefully I will keep on updating the pages

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