Custom Stm32f103 Development Board

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I designed a PCB with a STM32F103rct6 microcontroller that has ports for motor control, encoders, and CAN-Bus protocol. I wrote firmware to control the CAN-bus, PWM, Interupt, and GPIO pins. A PID is implemented using software to control the speed of the motors. The board is programmed using SWD. Each board has a CAN-bus transceiver.

There are two variations of the board. A generic development board and the motor controller board described above.

Generic Dev Board Motor control board v2 Motor control board v1 PCB Altium
Here are some examples of the soldered boards that I have designed for the stm32f103 MCU


First post!

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Woohoo, this is my first post on my website. Hopefully I will keep on updating the pages

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