Sooner Competitive Robotics

I joined Sooner Competitive Robotics (SCR) during my freshman year in 2016 and contributed to the mechanical, electrical, and software teams until I graduated with my master’s degree in 2022. After graduation, I became a mentor for their various competition teams. The organization is composed of 20-30 engineering students whose goal is to build robots for various competitions (IGVC and Roboboat)

As a mentor, I have helped and mentored the teams in the following:

  • Circuit design and PCB layout using Altium Designer.
  • Use of benchtop equipment (multimeters, function generators, oscilloscopes, etc.)
  • 3d Modeling using Autodesk fusion 360
  • The process of getting a PCB manufactured and assembly once the PCB arrives.
  • Teaching low-level communication protocols. (UART, i2c, SPI, CAN bus)

As a captain and team member of the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition team, I have done the following.

  • Our team scored first at the 2021 competition, and scored second out of twenty-two teams at the 2022 competition.
  • Designed E-stop safety system : mechanical, electrical, and software stops were implemented. High-power LEDs were used to keep track of state.
  • Created a custom microcontroller (STM32f103rct8) board to control motors.
  • Wrote firmware for motor-control board using PWM, encoders, CAN-BUS, and software PID.
  • Implemented lane and barrel detection using openCV.
  • Designed chassis, electrical systems, and CAN-bus ICD.

SCR used to compete in other competitions besides IGVC and Roboboat. I have participated in the following competitions as a member of SCR.

  • Mercury Challenge
  • IEEE Robotics
  • Sumobots (Robogames)


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